Summer 2020


PINE CONE LODGE is OPEN and WE CARE ABOUT YOU and our staff’s health!! 

As resort owners, we take our responsibility to provide you, as our guest, an environment that is clean and safe very seriously.  This occurs every year regardless of the surrounding circumstances.  We have attempted to analyze all aspects of our operation to install additional procedures that allow you peace of mind that we are doing everything we can to mitigate the spread of the virus.  Therefore, below is a summary of what we are doing differently this year as directed by CDC recommendations.

1. Social Distancing by guests and staff

We will be practicing social distancing in our interactions with you throughout your stay, such as keeping a 6-foot distance in face to face interaction.  We will also be wearing face masks and gloves while completing various tasks. Please be sure we are not being unsociable, just socially responsible in these regards. 

2. Wash/Sanitize your hands often

To promote hand washing and good hygiene, we will be providing hand soap at the sinks in your home.  We will provide hand sanitizer throughout the resort in areas of guest crossovers like the playground, fish cleaning and water toys.  We would appreciate if you bring some if you can.  

3. Homes General Cleaning

We feel that we clean our homes to a high standard, and we hope that is apparent to our guests.  We will be implementing additional disinfecting procedures within the homes specifically to include “touch point” areas such as knobs, handles, switches, pull chains, etc. to ensure that those are disinfected as well as cleaned.  Bathroom shower curtains and rugs will be changed weekly along with our usual disinfecting cleaning. 

4.  Bedding

We will be removing quilts from the beds.  These items were typically laundered on a scheduled basis and we do not have enough supply of these to launder weekly.   As a result, we will be asking you to bring bedspreads and blankets with you this year if possible.  Sanitized blankets and quilts will be in clear bags in the closets if you would like to use our quilts and blankets. We will still be providing pillows, flat and fitted sheets and mattress pads, since we are able to utilize a weekly laundry service.   We hope that you will help us by stripping the beds using a bag for fitted, flat and pillow cases and pillow covers leaving the mattress pads. We will supply the bags.  Our laundry service is requesting this be done to minimize the exposure to others from the bedding.  

5. Kitchen

We will be disinfecting all surfaces.  There is a load of dishes in the dishwasher that are sanitized.  Other dishes/pots/pans/utensils in the cupboards and drawers are clean.  We encourage, if you choose, before using other items to run them through the dishwasher or wash with soap and water if this makes you feel more comfortable.  

6. Outdoor furniture

       We will be disinfecting weekly, prior to your arrival, those outside items your home (such as picnic tables, lawn      chairs, and exterior of the grill). 

7. The Old Lodge will be closed - Public restroom on side of Spruce will be closed.

    With respect to large gatherings:  per the Governors Executive Order 20-04, we are required to close the old     lodge to eliminate large group gathering areas.

8. Playground one family at a time

We will provide hand sanitizer which we encourage before and after play. 

9.  Fish Cleaning area – one family at a time

Please spray disinfectant before you clean your fish and please spray when you leave.   Hand sanitizer will be available.

10.  Water Toys

Water toys will be out.  DNR will be giving us more direction on disinfecting.   Guests are responsible to disinfect equipment before use. Disinfectant/hand sanitizer will be available.   Swim raft - one family at a time.   

11.   T-shirts, mugs, and glasses

If you would like to purchase cups or glasses, you can take one from your home and add onto your bill $10 each.  T-shirts will be available by request.   Let me know what sizes and I can let you know the colors.   More to come.  

12.   COVID-19

We are asking those that have been ill, or have shown any symptoms of the virus within 14 days of their arrival to Pine Cone Lodge, not make the trip.  This would include those care givers or family members who have come in contact with the ill individual.

    13.  Check in and Check out

To give my staff more time between your departure and them entering the home plus the extra cleaning time, we are asking  weekly guests to volunteer to leave anytime the day before your scheduled departure or arrive a couple hours later than normal check in.   We all would appreciate a bit more time for changeovers.   Thanks

   14.   Please Contact me with your thoughts and questions. 

If you have any particular needs or questions, we’d love nothing more than to work out the details with you so you have a “Pine Cone” relaxed vacation.   Cancellation/rescheduling issues will be handled on a case by case basis.  We appreciate your business.  Please call or email.  


The Brand Family

Bonnie  320-491-6952