Calendar View of Openings 2018

Prices for week for minimum # guests (0-101 years old)

Click name of home for more info

Price does not include sales tax 7.375%


Memorial Weekend May 25-28 minimum of 3 nights

No openings 

June 23-30

Oak 1BR  $1000/week

June 30-July 7

No openings

July 7-14

No openings

July 14-21

No openings

July 21-28

No openings

July 28-Aug 4

No openings

Aug 4-11

No openings

Aug 11-18

No openings 

Aug 18-25

No openings

Aug 26-Sept 2

Hickory and Willow 5 BR $2000/week

If you have any questions about rates or to get on the waiting list, please email or call Bonnie or 320-491-6952

Dog $20/day/dog or $135/week/dog - limit one dog per unit - otherwise give Bonnie a call.  Double charge if dogs show up without informing Bonnie.

Daily visitors $15/day for those over 12 years old

1 watercraft for Pines, Maple, Sycamore, Cherry, Oak

2 watercraft for Hickory/Willow and Spruce

Additional watercraft, call Bonnie if space is available, additional boats $125/week unless rented from Watertoys.

Reminder: we are a MN licensed resort - Sales tax of 7.375% is added for MN/Hubbard County Sales Tax. 


Summer deposit amount is $500.00 per week stay for Pines, Duplex, Oak, Juniper, Birch and Maple (you can split $200 due immediately with $300 due by Jan 1.) 

$1000 per week for Spruces and Hickory/Willow.  (you can split $400 due immediately with $600 due by Jan 1.) 

Summer deposits are refunded if your entire reservation is filled (minus a $75.00 office fee).  If home is not filled for the entire week, there is no refund

Email to be on wait list.   Thanks  Bonnie

June 8,9-15,16 

Birch Studio $1050/week

Oak 1 BR $900/week

June 1,2 - 8,9

Hickory with Willow:  $375/night for first 10 people, over 10 - $20/person/night

    Only Hickory $1500/8 nights or $275/night for 8 people.  3 night minimum

Oak 1 BR $900/week  or $175/night for up to 4 people for weekend nights

May 28-June 1,2  - minimum of 2 nights

Oak $155/night

Spruce or Hickory $375/night for first 10 people, over 10 - $15/person/night Hickory only $250/night for 8 people.

June 15-22

Birch Studio $1122/week

Aug 31 - Labor Day (weekend)

Spruce $500/night for first 10 people $20/night/person for over 10 people   Minimum 3 nights