Hickory and Willow

Located on Big Sand Lake


Summer 2019

No openings

Pine Cone Summer 2020

Email/Call/Click Here for Fall, Winter and Spring Availability

Fall/Spring   Hickory/Willow - 5 bedrooms $375/night for 10 people

    Winter Only Hickory - 3 bedrooms $250/night for 8 people                         

$20/night/person over   Plus Sales tax 7.375%

10% off after first 2 nights excludes holidays

bonnie@pineconelodge.info or 320-491-6952

Hickory Bedrooms sleeps 13

#1:  1 king, 1 twin, 2 sets of bunk beds

#2: 1 king, 1 twin

#3: 1 queen, 1 twin

Willow Bedrooms sleeps 6

Open in the Summer/Fall

#1: 1 queen, 1 twin

#2: 1 king, 1 twin

Pull-out couch in living area

This lot used to have 5-7 cabins.  It was sold in 1993.  The couple built their retirement home plus a guest home.  On Nov. 4, 2014, the Brand family purchased the property to make Pine Cone complete again.   We are happy that guests can enjoy this side of the bay once again plus enjoying the comforts of beautiful homes. 


Hickory available


Willow available