Fall/Winter/Spring Rates


Maple,Duplex, Oak and Pines

rented by the bedroom

(Rent the home and pay according to number of bedrooms you use.)

One bedroom 1-2 people: $135/night

Two bedrooms 2-4 people  $155/night

Three bedroom 3-6 people  $170/night

Four bedrooms 4-8 people $210/night

Birch and Juniper

$155/night for 2-4 people


5 bedrooms $375/night for 10 people

Add $20/extra person/night


    5 bedrooms $375/night for 10 people

    Winter Only Hickory -

        3 bedrooms $250/night for 8 people

    Add $20/extra person/night

Plus Sales tax - 7.375% for MN/Hubbard County

10% off after 2 night stay excludes holidays

If you would like a specific home but you will use less bedrooms, the rate is for the entire home.  Example, you would like Pines but need only 1 bedroom, at the time of reservation, your rate is for the whole home $210/night.  If you would like the rate of 1 bedroom $135, you will be placed in an available home with the least number of bedrooms.  Example, you want 1 bedroom and Cherry is open - you would be in Cherry before Pines or Spruces paying for 1 bedroom.  Please call and I can explain this reservation policy further. 

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